Our senior management comprises a group of talented and experienced leaders who provide practical and best-in-practice guidance, allowing us to position BEHO FRESH as the fastest growing durian-related enterprise in Malaysia.


An accomplished entrepreneur with more than 30 years of industrial production successes, Ho is still driven in identifying and pursuing potential businesses. His knowledge and expertise in setting up companies have resulted in fruitful endeavours, as he meticulously identifies, assess and invests in prudent due diligence of the specific category of industry that he would want to pursue. His profound managerial qualities, aside from his business prowess has enabled him to foster effective team work with the Board of Directors and staff, while planning efficient strategies that are ingenious and profitable.

Since the beginning of his Executive Director engagement with Leong Carbon Enterprise Sdn Bhd in 1987, Ho has proven time and again his analytical evaluation of each and every activity related to the core areas of business and operations, successfully increasing the production capability of this manufacturing plant to 4000 – 5000 tonnes per month. His excellent connection of business networks locally and internationally, coupled with his diligence in personally overseeing every detail of day-to-day operations to his satisfaction, further strengthens his dossier of capabilities.

Ho has immeasurable experiences in Bricks, Steel, Timber and Carbon Mill Manufacturing; Concession/Logging Smelting and Mining, Plantation, Wood Mill, Carbon Manufacturing, Mining Extraction and even Bird’s Nests. His recent partnership with Beho Fresh Sdn Bhd through his plantation company, N&H Plantations Sdn Bhd ambitions to deliver quality Musang King Durians to the China market by applying decades of his experience in exporting goods and materials to countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia and of course, China.


As Group General Manager for Beho Group of Companies, of which Beho Fresh Sdn Bhd is a part of, Sam leads teams responsible for inventory management, sales forecasting, cycle executions and trade activations. His innate people management skills and experience honed working with multiple MNCs across Malaysia provide him and Beho the ability to blueprint our businesses for scalability domestically and internationally, with clear roadmaps to achieve excellence at different milestones.

Having graduated with a Bachelor’s of Hospitality and Tourism Management from Taylor’s College School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Sam joined the hospitality industry at Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel where he was first introduced to trade business development. It was at Phillips Morris International Malaysia that Sam began to leave indellible footprints of distinction. There, he was part of, and eventually led the Distribution and Merchanding teams in two states which were tasked with distribution expansion planning and strategising, minimising returns, initiating trade programmes and conducting regular market intelligence.

As a previous state basketball player who was also the Vice President for the Kelantan Basketball Association (KBA), Sam understands the importance of how clarity in communication and decisive, time-sensitive decision making can impact the success of teams, be they in a sports or corporate setting. This unique skillset ingrained in him allows Sam to provide solid analytical and management guidance under extremely high pressure environments to meet critical demands and leading his teams towards accomplishing various goals within clearly defined timeframes.