Musang King

Our Musang King thorny temptations of the highest grade are made available fresh domestically. For our international clientele, they are flash-frozen within a few hours of harvest to ensure the delicate taste profile is captured and preserved.

Gelato Bar

Sandwiched between two luscious gelato bars is our 100% authentic decadent Musang King filling. The gelato bars’ creamy silkiness accentuates the sultry and flavourful bursts of its Musang King core, providing the perfect durian frozen treat.


Lovingly produced for a limited time to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, our mooncakes bask in the pompous glow and indulgent taste of our carefully selected and processed durians to punctuate the celebration.

Cup Ice Cream

A soft and exquisite concoction, our Musang King cup ice cream is a flavor extravaganza even for durian connoisseurs. Full-bodied yet gently refreshing, our cup ice cream can be savoured slowly or devoured quickly.

Crepe Cake

Lending a layer of sophistication and a pleasing texture to our indulgent durian paste are delicate layers of sweet crepe, producing an unexpectedly light yet satisfyingly rich and delectable combination.


Already one of life’s greatest guilty pleasures, the classic cheesecake is elevated to the divine when we infuse it with our Musang King, resulting in a luxuriously creamy and sublimely rich dessert that is unforgivingly irresistible.


The light, simple and chewy wrap of the mochi around our durian filling adds as welcomed joy to the durian-eating experience that will surprise even lifelong durian aficionados with how the flavours of durian can be accented.

White Coffee

Subtly scented with perfectly roasted white coffee, this delightful caffeinated brew with the distinct lingering aroma and lustrous layer of intense Musang King has been crafted to be enjoyed any time of the day.